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Innovations in making vegan desserts has now reached a point where it is no longer necessary to use egg or dairy products to make succulant and fabulous desserts. Even the desserts we make are healthy in contrast to their non-vegan equivalents. At Chakra we avoid the use of refined sugar, ingredients with unhealthy oil content and artificial ingredients. Instead we strive to use the healthiest ingredients possible while still being able to produce recipes that are rich in taste and satisfying as any other dessert. Our most popular dessert is the black sticky rice with mango and banana, which is actually made from a careful combination of both white and black sticky rice steamed for an optimal duration of time, creating a texture that is as much like a pudding as it is rice. We can even make our desserts free of sweetener (and refined sugar of course), yet still maintaining the deliciousness to be expected from a homemade-style recipe drawn from traditional Thai cuisine.


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