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We believe beverages should never be an afterthought, but rather an integral complementary part of every meal with equal value to the food on the table. Our beverages at Chakra are made from the freshest ingredients, whether our teas or smoothies. We make our teas partly or wholly with fresh ingredients. Often customers are astounded by the taste of our teas after lifelong consumption of popular teas typically made from dried leaves or flowers, with flavors and nutrients being rehydrated rather than married with the water serving as its base. Alternatively, brewing with fresh ingredients produces an infused melody of taste and aroma which is a significant departure from a typical cup of tea. Our ginger tea is made by carefully brewing fresh ginger at a particular temperature for a specific amount of time. Our ginger pomegranate tea introduces pure pomegranate into the brewing process. Lastly, our chai is made with coconut milk instead of dairy, along with several spices that produce a signature taste when compared to other versions of chai.


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