Welcome to Chakra Restaurant

Thai-Indian cuisine served in the peaceful tranquility of our dining room and open air garden.

We offer a Thai vegan menu, fruitarian menu, Jain menu, Swaminarayan menu, desserts menu, and beverages menu along with peanut free options, low and no oil options and accommodate a number of dietary requirements and restrictions. Please let us know your dietary needs and we will let you know if we're able to meet your requirements.

Opening Hours: 4pm - 10pm daily

Phone: 929 462 7272

E-Mail: rsvp@chakra.kitchen

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Address: 317 East 5th St. NY, NY 10003


Thai Vegan Dishes

Our foundation is in Thai vegan cooking, creating all plant-based variations of traditional recipes while maintaining authenticity. A Thai vegan diet focuses on the healthiest components of Thai cuisine.

In line with tradition we grind spices, prepare pastes and base ingredients daily to maintain the utmost freshness in our dishes. We source the highest quality ingredients like galangal, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, lime and chilis.

Our specialities include papaya salad, mango salad, glass noodle salad, mountain curry and drunken noodles. Though absent of animal products, our Thai dishes are as vibrant and delicious as the traditional recipes they are based on.

We make all of our dishes to order, so if there are particular ingridents you want to exclude we'll be happy to accommodate you using substitute ingredients that are compatible with your diet.

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Fruitarian Dishes

Fruitarian refers to not just sweet fruits but all edible parts of flowering plants containing seeds including pumpkin, snap peas, beans and lentils. Other fruits we use (which are commonly referred to as vegetables) are tomatoes and squash. The seeds of many fruits are also an important part of a fruitarian diet including pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts and coconut.

Our fruitarian dishes include cucumber salad, watermelon gazpacho, quinoa stew, fusion pasta and healthy color balanced bowls which incorporate produce of diverse color ranges for well rounded nutrient rich meals. Fruit of similar color tend to contain similar nutrients, therefore a meal which is colorful tends to contain a wide range of beneficial nutrients in addition being aesthetically pleasing.

The general philosophy of a fruitarian diet centers on harvesting ingredients in a way which does not destroy plants and makes a minimal impact on the environment.

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Jain Dishes

We offer a large selection of Jain friendly dishes. We can make our dishes strict Jain, meaning without onion, garlic, eggplant, mushrooms, potato, carrots and all other root vegetables. Additionally we don't use cauliflower, broccoli and a number of other types of produce prohibited in a traditional strict Jain diet. Though we can also make our dishes with exceptions, just let us know what you prefer when visiting our restaurant.

A Jain diet also avoids animal products. Since we are an entirely vegan restaurant our food naturally fits within the Jain restrictions regarding animal products.

Interestingly, we are the only restaurant in New York City that makes Jain friendly drunken noodles (Pad Kee Mao) and Pad See U. Every local manufacturer of wide rice noodles currently uses potato starch in these dishes. At Chakra we make our own wide rice noodles from scratch without the use of potato starch.

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Swaminarayan Dishes

Similar to a Jain diet, a Swaminarayan diet excludes onion and garlic (referred to as Tamasic or Tamsik), most animal products and certain types of fruits and vegetables. Unlike a Jain diet, Swaminarayan philosophy allows for the consumption of certain root vegetables such as potatoes. Also followers of Swaminarayan philosophy allows for eating schedules which include later hours in the evening.

A Swaminarayan diet is also compatible with a fruitarian diet even though the origins of the latter may not have a direct connection to India, where the Swaminarayan philosophy began.

Our Swaminarayan menu includes salads, soups, massaman curry, green curry, red curry, noodles and rice stir fry dishes carefully prepared to meet the dietary requirements of our customers.

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